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1. Quality policy

1.1 We will be the BEE to create a financial ecosystem in our society and provide services that meet international standards through continuous improvement.


A BEE is:

  • The basis of existence.
    Pollination makes plants grow, and plants provide food for animals, creating the basic conditions for the comfortable existence of the universe. Through our products and services, we will create and maintain a financial eco-system, create favorable conditions for business existence and stable growth.


  • The most hardworking and creative creature on the planet

      Be professional, creative and practical.


  • They make the world more beautiful.
    Only pollinated flowers can grow beautiful, healthy and safe to attract the attention of other insects and birds. Without them, the world would be normal, colorless and dull. Like him, we will create a better society where we love each other.


1.2 Management will review the quality policy once a year.


2. In the implementation of the quality policy, the following main goals will be used as management. It includes:

2.1 We will deliver business support services to customers that comply with the law and fully meet customer needs.

2.2 Business support services provided to customers will be developed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and continuously improved.

2.3 The goals, objectives, and planning of the organization will be implemented in accordance with the International Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) standard and the laws, rules, and regulations in force in Mongolia.

2.4 Improve the risk-based internal control system by developing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.

2.5 Analyzing changing customer requirements and the impact of external and internal factors of the organization, developing data-based decisions and solutions, ensuring the perfection of the organization by continuously improving the quality management system.

2.5 Be sensitive to the expectations of external and internal stakeholders and create value by maintaining transparent, transparent, open and accessible feedback relationships.

2.6 It is a leader in the industry in introducing the best techniques and technologies based on innovation. 

2.7 Constantly develop the skills of employees and operate at a high professional level.

2.8 This commitment aligns with our corporate values ​​and will be the foundation of our continued growth and success.

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