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1. Information Security Policy


1.1 Implement information security at the level of international standards, ensure the inviolability, completeness, and accessibility of user information assets, their confidentiality, and continuously improve using technical and technological advances, and work in compliance with the law.


1.2 Management will review once a year whether to change the MAB policy.


2. The following main goals will be used as a guide for the implementation of the MAB policy. It includes:

2.1 Ensure information security in traditional and digital financial services provided to customers.


2.2 Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information when working with customers, technology partners and third parties.


2.3 Data, information, intellectual property, and personal information are considered valuable assets of the organization and are protected against potential risks such as unauthorized access, modification, destruction, damage, or loss.


2.4 Continuous improvement of the information security system.


2.5 Information and information systems, computer technology networks of the organization, like other physical assets of the organization, are the property of the organization and are protected and registered.


2.6 Data and information systems are confidential. They are classified as confidential and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.


2.7 Information and information assets are intact and all changes during transmission, processing and storage of information are controlled.


2.8 Information is accessible. The information and information system shall be open to the authorized persons to access and use it without delay.


2.9 All users and third parties accessing the organization's information system and network infrastructure are granted access rights and are identified in the network. Access to the company's network infrastructure is controlled.

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