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The official opening of "LAIKA PLATFORM" was successfully organized


On Tuesday, November 22, the launch event of "LAIKA PLATFORM" was successfully held. Mongolian insurance and financial industry experts and international consultants attended the event.

Laika, the dog, was the first to fly into space and made great achievements and valuable contributions to space science.     P. Erdenebaatar, CEO of Monre Insurance, emphasized that the platform, named after the brave dog, has been able to include all financial solutions in a single mobile application, which will bring many new opportunities to the industry.

"Monre Insurance" LLC is one of the oldest insurance companies that has been operating continuously for 27 years and has expanded to have more than 20 branches and more than 150 representatives. The organization has been working towards the great cause of creating financially educated citizens who have knowledge about insurance and regularly use insurance by providing services that meet the demands of policyholders, are close to life, and are accessible to the financial capabilities of their customers.

However, they are now bringing to life in your pocket a comprehensive opportunity to calculate future risks and protect yourself and others like you in advance through the blockchain technology-based "Laika Platform".

This platform will create a risk map with all the data and information of all the risks that may occur in the territory of Mongolia, and make it open to other companies and all citizens. In this way, everyone, including small and medium-sized enterprises, will be able to prevent and manage risks in their work and life. "Laika" is not just a platform. Laika is a great GIFT for Mongolia, Mongolian people, financial sector and society.

So, the socially friendly project in cooperation with "Monre Daatgal LLC" and "German International Cooperation Society (GIZ)" has been successfully launched in real life and on your mobile phone.

General organizer: -DeveloPPP GIZ Mongolei Монре Даатгал - Monre Insurance

Worked together:

Host: Sodkhuu Urtnasan

Comedian: Munkhbat DemiiTry

Singer: The Baatar

The Baatar Band: San Juniper Band

Laika platform 2022

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