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Welcome to the "Best Offices in Ulaanbaatar 2020" list! The comfort, atmosphere and internal culture of the working environment is one of the pillars of the growth and development of the organization. Publicizing organizations that focus on this aspect can serve as role models and inspiration for other areas, and help attract or retain talented human resources. That's why Unread Media is pleased to name the best offices in Ulaanbaatar for the third year. When we started the selection process, we conducted a poll among our readers and made a preliminary list. Among them, we personally visited more than 30 offices that received the most votes from readers, and made the final selection based on the basic criteria of work environment improvement, organizational culture, and training development. From this article, you can familiarize yourself with pleasant offices that have increased the productivity and motivation of employees and create a friendly environment. For this list, in addition to a complete redesign of the offices, we added a video introduction and made the text more interesting to read. I also noticed that Mongolian companies and organizations are preparing for the future by feeling the changes in the work environment that will occur in line with the pandemic. Here is the list of "The best offices in Ulaanbaatar 2020".



The office of "Monre Daatgal", one of the oldest insurance companies in Mongolia, attracted our attention from its name. At first, the name HOME seems to represent the simple content of "home", but if you look deeper into its operation, it will be understood that it is an abbreviation of the name "House Of Mind Exercise". Designed to bring the comfort of home to the workplace, their new office and unique organizational culture will break the mold and set an example for many organizations to follow.

Business Name: Monre Financial LLC

Location: Second floor of AutoHub Center, in front of the Нарны хороолол

Field of activity: Specialized management services

Year of establishment: 2016 year

Number of employees: 5 companies, 60+ employees


Office introduction:

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