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In addition to loving your work, it is also very important to be happy at your workplace. That's because a 2015 study found that happy employees are 12-20 percent more productive on average, and we're constantly striving to keep our shared office residents happy.


"Авто ХАБ" LLC has been operating in the field of car maintenance, sales of cars and spare parts since 2017, and in June 2019, the first comprehensive center of AutoHAB maintenance service was launched. In the next 5 years, our company will establish 2 branches in Ulaanbaatar city, 3 new branches in the province and local areas, and work to build a car repair service network that meets the standards of many countries.


Zeel Em En Platform LLC

Zeel Em En Platform BBSB LLC provides 100% online lending and lending services through the application and the website

Mas Roadside Service

Call wheel repair

  • Automatic tire splitter

  • Nitrogen gas

  • Balance settings

  • A dedicated lip balm

  • Can be disassembled to 24" rims and 42" wheels

  • VAT document

Car loading service

Our loader advantages:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Insured /trucks/

  • With VAT receipt

  • Service charges are competitive

  • Professional and responsible team

  • Fastening according to the standard


Monre Insurance

For 26 years, Monre Insurance has worked with over 1,000,000 policyholders to help them overcome risks. We are developing the commercial insurance market of Mongolia, making a valuable contribution to the new stage, and delivering new products and services that are suitable for our country.

Standard Investment Fund

Standard Investment LLC is a member of the Mongolian Stock Exchange with a special license to act as a broker, dealer, investment consultant, and underwriter on the Mongolian securities market.



We'll be bringing you the quirky podcasts we produce on a regular basis.


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